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Another Update … I Know – Shocking! March 30, 2008

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I took a bunch of pictures of him on Easter Sunday. They turned out really cute and you can see how chubby he really is in them. I weighed him yesterday and he is 34 pounds and 34 inches long. Lord he is so heavy.

He has started really walking well behind his little push toy. He will go all over the yard. He could walk by himself if he would just try. Little stink.

He is eating solids really well now. Grant it, he won’t touch a vegetable but at least he is eating meat now. He has also really picked up on using the sippy cup. I finally found one that he likes. Oh, and he can drink out of a straw. He loves apple juice boxes.

In the past few days he has decided that he loves to dance and wave and clap. All things that I thought he would never do.  It just seemed to be taking forever.

He isn’t speaking clearly but I think he says “go”, “hi”, “dawn”, “dog”, “mom”, “dad”.  He loves to mimic me making high and low ahhhh noises.

He loves to wear things.  If he sees his shoes in his room, he puts his foot up and wants them to be put on.  He crawls over to where my mom and dad keep their shoes and tries to put them on.  He loves to wear hats.  He got a new bib the other night and made me put it on him so he could crawl all around the house and show everyone.

He’s getting to be so fun now.  I can’t wait to see what he’ll do in the next month.


Gage… March 19, 2008

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  • … loves electrical cords. He can spot one from across the room and you will have to try your best to keep him out away from it.
  • … has a major temper. He already can throw a tantrum like no other. He arches his back and kicks his feet. I thought it was way too early for this.
  • … will give kisses and giant hugs when asked. He pats your back while he is hugging you. I have waited for this day for a long time.
  • … has a one track mind. If he decides to do something, there isn’t much that will really keep him from it. This is where the tantrums really come in. He is obsessed with one certain drawer in my mom’s kitchen right now. He goes straight to it. He also cannot keep his little hands off of my keyboard or mouse.
  • … loves balloons. He wasn’t too sure of them at first but now he is obsessed with the ones from his birthday party. He carries them all over the house. He crawls on them. He pops them. He’s like a one man parade with them. It’s so funny.
  • …. can problem solve really well. He can open doors and take the tops off and put them back onto things.
  • …. likes to use your finger to do things. He will take your hand and make you touch the cracker on his tray or push the buttons on a toy.
  • … has numerous nicknames – Stinkyface, Shooshie, Shooby Doo, Monkey Doodle, Gagie, Turdbutt.
  • … has no interest in walking it seems. He would rather crawl really fast.
  • … loves to be chased. If he thinks you are coming after him, he takes off at lightning speed in the opposite direction.
  • … loves Ritz crackers and yogurt.
  • … is so hard to bathe now. He wants to crawl all around the tub and stand up. I busted out a tooth in the tub when I was about this age so it freaks me out for him to be too active in there.
  • … is getting alot more hair all of a sudden. It’s really frizzy but it is getting better now that his curls are getting longer. I’m hoping for big ringlets.
  • … will sit in a laundry basket and play for a long time. He loves it in there.
  • … has a love/hate relationship with his toy pig.  It’s a Fisher Price toy that is a piggy bank that you put big coins into a slot on the top of it.  Then you open a door on the side to get the coins back out.  Gage cannot figure out how to open the side door and it frustrates him like nothing else.  He will get mad and throw the pig across the floor.  It’s such a grown up reaction that it’s funny.
  • … is very hot natured.  At night I have to remove his PJ pants because he is sweating so much.  My husband and I are both like that as well so it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Gage at One Year March 3, 2008

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I have got to get back into the groove of blogging so I am borrowing a format from a fellow blogger (Hey Shannon!).

Weight: Around 32.5 pounds.  I think he is about 32 inches long now as well.  He is such a big healthy guy.  I don’t even notice how giant he is until I see another baby and they are much older than Gage and he is their size.  He wears 18-24 month clothes.  He has a long torso and short legs.  He is wearing a size 6 diaper.  They don’t make a size 7 and we are nowhere near potty training.

Feedings:  We are transitioning to cow’s milk now.  I make a pitcher of half formula/half cow’s milk.  He is tolerating it well.  He loves to drink out of his sippy cup even though he doesn’t know to tip his head back to drink out of it.  He doesn’t love water unless you are giving it to him directly out of your water bottle.   He is doing so so with eating table food.  He loves to eat whatever you are eating but he doesn’t really want his own bowl of it.  He is still a yogurt fiend.

Favorites: Jack’s Big Music Show, giving hugs and kisses, crawling on top of and over Daddy, banging things together, his walker, being outside, pillows, taking a bath

Least Favorites: Leaning back to wash his head in the tub, changing his diaper, being rocked to go night-night, being told no, having his face wiped

Issues: We need to work on getting him out of the habit of taking that 4am bottle.  He doesn’t need it.  It is purely habit at this point.  We also need to work on his biting issue.  He has got a major little temper.

Personality:  He is such a sweet happy boy most of the time.  The other part of the time though he is very ornery.  He has learned the art of the temper tantrum.  He is very curious and will make a b line for electrical outlets and power cords.  I cannot get anything childproofed enough to keep this child out.  He will find a way if he really wants to get something.  I spend a great deal of my day redirecting him.

New Things: clapping, blowing spit bubbles, dancing, imitating noises that we make, hugging and kissing when prompted, shaking his head no, walking while holding on to his toys

Randomness: His hair is coming in now alot.  It seems like it grows overnight.  It is really curly and unruly.  I have to use conditioner or it is terrible the next day.

Almost A Year Already…Wow February 11, 2008

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We are moving back to Louisiana this week so things have been utterly insane around here.  I have no idea how to pack up all of Gage’s things.  I’ve done such a crappy job of keeping up with this blog.  I was so on top of it for so long and then I just fell off.  Sorry.  I have updated the milestones and growth on a pretty regular basis though.

February 5th was the mark of 11 months since I gave birth to this awesome little guy. I love this age right now.  He is so sweet and funny.  He is not walking yet but he pulls up on everything and jabbers nonstop.  I think he is now saying “what” and “huh”.  It’s pretty funny.  He has 8 teeth, weighs about 30 pounds and has a size 6.5 foot.

He is a very picky eater.  He definitely got that from me.  He wants what you are eating but if you give him his own, he loses interest.  He is still eating baby food (fruits, no veggies) and baby yogurt and formula.  We are supposed to be transitioned to cow’s milk by 1.  One month to get there.  He likes it but I don’t think he’s getting enough iron from regular food to give up the formula just yet.  Finding a sippy cup that he can actually drink from is a challenge as well.  So far we are liking the Avent ones.

His sleeping pattern is still pretty much the crappy same.  He goes to bed around 11:30, wakes up at 4:30 for a bottle at which time he comes into our bed.  Then he sleeps with me until around 10:30.  This is a huge issue with my husband so I plan on working on it.  I would like some time alone in the evenings as well.

Flickr October 19, 2007

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I have a ton of photos that I really need to put up on Flickr.  He is so cute right now at 7 months.  I can’t believe time is going by so quickly.  He will be going to Kindergarten before I know what hit me.

He is such a character.  He smiles at me all day long.  Big huge melt me in pieces type smiles.  He just starting doing this thing where his bottom lip quivers when he is excited.  He does it when he is in the high chair waiting for yogurt or when I’m about to kiss his neck.  He is just so hilarious.  Total boy.  23 pounds and 29 inches of boy to be exact.  He likes to jump, stand up on his legs, bounce, be hung upside down.  I see lots of worry in my future.  If you put him on the big bed and hold his feet, he will crawl right off the edge.  No fear.

He has noticed the dog in the past month.  He is getting tons more hair.  He still doesn’t sleep through the night but some nights are better than others.  He has two bottom teeth in all the way and FOUR more are coming in at once on the top.  His favorite things to do right now are screech and say ba-ba-bah.  He eats solids like a champ and his favorites are yogurt and any kind of fruit.  Not a huge fan of vegetables or the baby food meats (not that I can blame him).

This kid is cute. August 10, 2007

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Gage Mosiac

Swimming June 25, 2007

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First time in the pool on Sunday.  He didn’t love the cold water but seemed to like it a little better after he got used to it.  I think he’ll love it when the water warms up later in the summer.  He got totally worn out in the ten minutes he was in the pool.

Moobs! June 21, 2007

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Guess I’ll be throwing away my favorite baby lotion and shampoo.


Ahhhhhh Goo! June 18, 2007

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Sometime in the past three days or so, Gage has found his voice! He used to do little ahh goo’s here and there but he has graduated to full on vocalizing. He doesn’t exactly jabber but he “talks” for long periods of time. I am loving it. Last night in the tub he even squealed.

I uploaded a video of him doing it.  You can find it over on the sidebar.

What’s Up with Gage? June 15, 2007

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These days he is just as sweet as can be. He is getting bigger by the second. He isn’t as much heavy as he is long. He outgrows his onesies within days it seems. He is about 25.5 inches long at almost 15 weeks. I have him wearing 6-9 month onesies and some of those don’t look like they will fit much longer. I think he probably weighs around 15 pounds.

We go in a few more weeks for his 4 month checkup/shots. I hope it goes as well next time as it did for the 2 month exam. He was such a little tough guy. He cried really hard for a second and then he instantly shut up and went to sleep. He slept pretty much all afternoon that day.

Speaking of sleep, I didn’t post this before because I didn’t want to jinx myself but he is pretty much sleeping through the night now. He started it the day we went to my friend’s little girl’s birthday party (June 2). He sleeps from around midnight to 6:30 straight then takes a bottle at 6:30 and goes right back to sleep until 10:30ish. I’m loving it. He does fight me pretty bad on all his daytime naps though. He’ll be rolling his eyes back in his head sleepy but still kick and pull at my shirt until I get him to sleep by rocking him. That’s a horrible habit we are in. The rocking. He has to be rocked to sleep unless he is dog ass tired. Even then, it usually is a fight.

He consistently eats 6oz, sometimes more, every 3-4 hours. I give him cereal in his bottle at midnight. I have spoon fed him cereal and squash a few afternoons as well. I want him to get used to it. He really likes it.

He loves his bath with a passion. He is so happy in the tub. He especially loves when we bathe together. He can have his whole body submerged then because I am holding him. He coos and smiles the whole time.

He can grab toys now and he loves his playmat and his toy bar on the bouncy seat. He will hold his rattle as long as you put it in his hand. He picked up his rattle by himself the other day but he hasn’t done it again since. Alot of things are like that though. They do it once and then not again for a while and then it becomes their thing.

I’m pretty sure that he is starting the teething process. He drools and eats his hands all day long. Everything is wet from his little mouth.

All in all, things are immensely better than they were at the beginning. I can tell you now that the way he is now at 3 months is the reason people have children. 3 months is where it’s at.